POND Dalston and Manhattan Project Cocktails.

Monday, 9 November 2015

A couple of weeks ago I got to try a new little double team about town. Over the autumn Manhattan Project have taken up residency in the Hawaiian setting of POND Dalston to introduce some wacky takes on classic cocktails to their menu. The brainchild of Felix Cohen, Manhattan Project breathes a breath of fresh air over the traditional drinks menu we see so often. With crazy descriptions and combinations that not only have not only are rarely seen but will definitely make you giggle. This is definitely a place to visit.

image courtesy of Kapranos PR

A couple of glorious cocktails down, we quickly moved on to the food. Situated in a Victorian warehouse, POND prides itself on offering up 'new wave Hawaiian cuisine', essentially a mix of American and Asian influences using Polynesian ingredients. I have to admit, Hawaiian food wasn't something I can say I had tried before, so I was definitely more than a little curious.
There was one ingredient which featured a couple of times on their menu which I had yet to try; SPAM...(queue endless renditions of the Monty Python tune). We actually tried both of their Spam offerings. Firstly, surprisingly delicious Spam fries, coated in dried shrimp and served with a zingy yuzu mayo. Secondly, the Spam maki roll, the unhealthy sushi hybrid. I hate to say it, but I might just be a convert...

POND offers up a mix of both small and larger dishes, all with the view of sharing. In a bid to try a bit of everything, our greedy selves ordered up a mix of Kalua Pork (served with iceberg cups, coriander and lime dressing, and a kohlrabi and pineapple pickle), Fried Sea Bass (with ponzu, coriander, ginger and chilli), Spicy Salmon Maki and finally the Poke Pines. Poke is a salad, normally seafood, revered in Hawaii and one of their most popular dishes. This bowl was my favourite. Ahi tuna, salmon and mixed tobiko served up with Thai basil oil and coconut lime, it was different to anything I had ever tried, but undoubtedly delicious.

Manhattan Project's residency at POND only has about a month left, so get your skates on and head down there for a cocktail and a bite to eat, you will not be disappointed.
Find them here: POND Dalston & Manhattan Project

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